On the server We have 21 custom wings for all characters! We've wings 4 lvl, 5 lvl, 6 lvl !

Wings only for 3rd class.

This is unique wings system on Season 6 only at MuWorld!
Custom wings are better than 3rd lvl wings

To upgrade wings You need some Jewels which You need to add to Your wings
Wings automaticly transform to upgraded wings.

[UPDATE 24.01.2022]Required: Wings 3rd class: LVL +15
A chance to keep the IGNORE option and the Recovery HP option: 60%

Lost Jewel of WingTo upgrade 3rd wings to 4th wings

Mythical Jewel of Wing To upgrade 4th wings to 5th wings

Legendary Jewel of WingTo upgrade 5th wings to 6th wings

How to get Lost Jewel of Wing?

You need 100x Legendary Feather
Legendary Feather drop actually -

If You collect 100x it will be transform automaticlly to Lost Jewel of Wing

How to get Mythical Jewel of Wing?

You need 3x Lost Jewel of Wing
If You collect 3x Lost Jewel of Wing You need go to Devias NPC - SMITH (X - 203, Y - 40) and exchange to Mythical Jewel of Wing

How to get Legendary Jewel of Wing?

You need 3x Mythical Jewel of Wing
If You collect 3x Mythical Jewel of Wing You need go to Noria NPC - Kmua (X - 169, Y - 109) and exchange to Legendary Jewel of Wing

If You have Jewel what You need to upgrade wings just put Jewel into selected wings. Wings automatically transform to a higher level, keeping the current level and options!

Below are the custom wings you can get

Blade Master
1. Wing of Domination - 4th lvl wings
2. Wing of Dekarion - 5th lvl wings
3. Wing of Great Fire - 6th lvl wings

Lord Emperor
4. Cloak of Demoniac - 4th lvl wings
5. Cloak of Night Blue - 5th lvl wings
6. Cloak of Kings - 6th lvl wings

High Elf
7. Wing of Mockin - 4th lvl wings
8. Wing of Princess - 5th lvl wings
9. Wing of Rainbow - 6th lvl wings

Duel Master
10. Wing of Alpine - 4th lvl wings
11. Wing of Purple Satan - 5th lvl wings
12. Wing of Slash - 6th lvl wings

Dimension Master
13. Wing of Purple Dimension - 4th lvl wings
14. Wing of Nature - 5th lvl wings
15. Wing of Queen - 6th lvl wings

Grand Master
16. Wing of Sky - 4th lvl wings
17. Wing of Birds - 5th lvl wings
18. Wing of Blue Heaven - 6th lvl wings

Fist Master
19. Cape of Master - 4th lvl wings
20. Cape of Scottacus - 5th lvl wings
21. Cape of the King - 6th lvl wings