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On the server we have 15 custom jewels:

1. Jewel of Level (Adds +1 level item / but no more than +13)
2. Jewel of Skill (Adds Skill to items)
3. Jewel of Luck (Adds Luck to items)
4. Jewel of Addicional (Adds "Add" option +28 to items)
5. Jewel of Socket (Adds +1 socket empty slot)
OFF AT THIS TIME 6. Jewel of Full (Adds Full EXC options to item / need min. 2 exc options in item!)
7 to 11. Jewels of Excellent, Tier 1 to 5 (Adds 1st to 5th option to items / item must be EXC!)
12. Jewel to Remove Additional - Jewel removing add option (wings too) - Can Buy in Lorencia bar!
13 to 16. Jewels of Wings, Tier 1 to 4 (Adds 1st to 4th option to items)

That jewels drops from events and bosses. Read sections drop bosses / events to know where You can find jewels. Sometimes jewels is in xShop!

Jewel have 100% chance to upgrade!