The world called HALBION is the FAST world of the subservers in MuWorld. If you don't have too much time to play and you want to fully enjoy the benefits of MuWorld, the world of HALBION is just for you. Rich Webshop, fast exp, easier access to the desired set! We invite


xShop: ON
Currencies: Credits & WcoinC
Starting bonus: CUSTOM PET 24hours / Custom FLAG "MuWorld" + 500 HP

Character Create Level
All classes = 1 lvl
Guild create level: 300 lvl
Max members when DL is GM = 40
Max members when DL isn't GM = 40

Points Per Level: Dark Knight / Dark Wizard / Elf / Summoner = 5 pts
Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord / Rage fighter = 7 pts
Max stats: 32767

Server have 3 separated servers with PVP, NoPVP, VIP

PK settings - PVP Server:
On the server PK is allowed.
Command to reset pk - "/pkclear"
Cost: 200kk
Limit kills: None
Delay to use /pkclear: None

PK settings - VIP Server/NoPVP Server:
PK Unavailable


General Exp: PVP 1000x , VIP +50%, NoPVP - all -25% / Master Exp: 50x

Party Exp PVP server
1 player - 1000x
2 players - 1050x
3 players - 1100x
4 players - 1200x
5 players - 1300x
Gold Party - other races (only 5 players): 5 players - 1500x

Party Exp NoPVP server
Experience reduced by 20% (800x base experience)


After reaching lvl 400, you can perform a character reset
Reset is performed with the command /reset in game or by usign button "RESET"

Requirements: 400 lvl, ZEN: reset(s) * 1kk (1.000.000) Zen

Maximum resets = 1000
Reward: 1500 add points, statistics reset to basic, 20 WcoinC


DISABLED from edition 08.07.22

After reaching 40 resets & lvl 400, you can perform a character grand reset
Grand Reset is performed with the command /greset in game

Requirements: 40 resets, 400 lvl, 1kkk zen (
Reward: 8.000 add points per each reset, statistics reset to basic, 200 WcoinC

For example:
1. If You have 0 Grand Reset and You do it 15th reset You get 15.000 add point lvl! (0 per Master Reset & 15.000 per Resets)
2. If You have 1 Grand Reset and You do it 5th reset You get 13.000 add point lvl! (8.000 per Grand Reset & 5.000 per Resets)
3. If You have 3 Grand Reset and do it 40th resets You get 64.000 add point lvl! (24.000 per Grand Resets & 40.000 per Resets)