Credits & WcoinC

On the server You can get 2 premium currencies:

1. Credits
2. WcoinC

1. How to get Credits?
Only for real money or sometimes in administration events.
To buy that currency You must find "Buy credits" on the website in specified server.

2. How to get WcoinC?
- Events (BC, CC, DS etc)
- Bosses (monsters)
- Math Master Event
- Quests on the website
- Custom Quests on server
- Resets
- Grand Resets
- Online Time
- Exchange Credits to WcoinC (if available on the website)
- Event drop
- Devias 8 WcoinC

What can I buy for that currencies?

1. Credits - You can buy all things on the website (vips/items/hide eq etc) if available
2. WcoinC - For this currency You can buy items from xShop in game, custom flags, custom skins, Legendary feathers in the bar (if available), legendary feathers from custom auctions, custom lucky wheel