The world called ARGOS is the medium world of the subservers in MuWorld. If you like competition and value the lack of a full webshop, this server will be for you! We invite you to read the basic information about the server


Webshop: ON - part of the items
xShop: ON
Currencies: Credits & WcoinC
Starting bonus: CUSTOM PET 24hours / Custom FLAG "MuWorld" + 500 HP

Character Create Level
All classes = 1 lvl
Guild create level: 300 lvl
Max members when DL is GM = 40
Max members when DL isn't GM = 40

Points Per Level: Dark Knight / Dark Wizard / Elf / Summoner = 5 pts
Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord / Rage fighter = 7 pts
Max stats: 32767

PK settings - PVP Server:
On the server PK i allowed. Server have 2 separated servers with PVP and NoPVP
Command to reset pk - "/pkclear"
Cost: 30kk

PK settings - NoPVP Server/ VIP Server:
PK Unavailable


Dynamic General Exp:
0rr - 10rr - 300x
11rr - 20rr - 280x
21rr - 30rr - 260x
31rr - 40rr - 240x
41rr - 50rr - 220x
>50rr - 200x
Master Exp: 20x

Party Exp PVP server
1 player - 100% base experience
each player in party give more +5% exp

Party Exp NoPVP server
Experience reduced by 20% (240x base experience)


After reaching lvl 400, you can perform a character reset
Reset is performed with the command /reset in game

Requirements: 400 lvl, ZEN: reset(s) * 1kk (1.000.000) Zen

Maximum resets = 1000
Reward: 1500 add points, statistics reset to basic, 20 WcoinC


Disabled from edition 09.09.2022 After reaching 40 resets & lvl 400, you can perform a character grand reset
Grand Reset is performed with the command /greset in game

Requirements: 40 resets, 400 lvl, 1kkk zen (
Reward: 6.000 add points per each reset, statistics reset to basic, 200 WcoinC [CHANGE: 26.01.2022]

For example:
1. If You have 0 Grand Reset and You do it 15th reset You get 7.500 add point lvl! (0 per Master Reset & 7.500 per Resets)
2. If You have 1 Grand Reset and You do it 5th reset You get 8.500 add point lvl! (6.000 per Grand Reset & 2.500 per Resets)
3. If You have 3 Grand Reset and do it 40th resets You get 38.000 add point lvl! (18.000 per Grand Resets & 20.000 per Resets)