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On the server You can use Jewels of Ancient 1 or 2. If is available You can buy in the xShop.
To use just put Jewel on the item to change for Ancient

Jewel OF Ancient is unavailable during the current edition MuWorld


Leather Helm Warrior Anonymous
Leather Armor Warrior -
Leather Pants Warrior Anonymous
Leather Gloves Warrior -
Leather Boots Warrior Anonymous
Morning Star Warrior -
Ring of Ice Warrior -
Small Shield - Anonymous
Bronze Helm - Mist
Bronze Armor Hyperion -
Bronze Pants Hyperion Mist
Bronze Gloves Hyperion Mist
Bronze Boots Hyperion -
Plate Shield Eplete -
Scale Helm Eplete Berserker
Scale Armor Eplete Berserker
Scale Pants Eplete Berserker
Scale Gloves - Berserker
Scale Boots - Berserker
Pendant of Lighnint Eplete -
Brass Helm - Cloud
Brass Armor Garuda -
Brass Pants Garuda Cloud
Brass Gloves Garuda -
Brass Boots Garuda -
Pentant of Fire Garuda -
Plate Helm - Rave
Plate armor Kantata Rave
Plate Pants - Rave
Plate Gloves Kantata -
Plate Boots Kantata -
Rinf of Poison Kantata Agnis
Ring of Wind Kantata -
Lighning Sword Hyon -
Dragon Helm Hyon Vicious
Dragon Armor - Vicious
Dragon Pants - Vicious
Dragon Gloves Hyon -
Dragon Boots Hyon -
Ring of Earth Ceto Visious
Skull Staff Apollo -
Pad Helm Apollo Barnake
Pad Armor Apollo -
Pad Pants Apollo Barnake
Pad Gloves Apollo -
Pad Boots - Barnake
Ring of Magic Apollo Chrono
Pendant of Ice Apollo Broy
Bone Helm - Sylion
Bone Armor Evis Sylion
Bone Pants Evis -
Bone Gloves - Sylion
Bone Boots Evis Sylion
Pendant of Wind Evis -
Skull Shield Heras -
Sphinx Helm Heras -
Sphinx Armor Heras Minet
Sphinx Pants Heras Minet
Sphinx Gloves Heras -
Sphinx Boots Heras Minet
Legendary Helm Anubis Isis
Legendary Armor Anubis  Isis
Legenday Pants -  Isis
Legendary Gloves Anubis -
Legendary Boots -  Isis
Ring of Fire Anubis Muren
Rapier Ceto -
Vine Helm Ceto Drake
Vine Armor - Drake
Vine Pants Ceto Drake
Vine Gloves Ceto -
Vine Boots Ceto Drake
Golden Crossbow Gaia -
Silk Helm Gaia -
Silk Armor Gaia -
Silk Pants Gaia Fase
Silk Gloves Gaia Fase
Silk Boots - Fase
Wind Helm Odin -
Wind Armor Odin -
Wind Pants Odin Elvian
Wind Gloves Odin -
Wind Boots Odin Elvian
Spirit Helm - Karis
Spirit Armor Argo -
Spirit Pants Argo Karis
Spirit Gloves Argo -
Spirit Boots - Karis
Silver Bow Gywen -
Guardian Helm - Aruan
Guardian Armor Gywen Aruan
Guardian Pants - Aruan
Guardian Gloves Gywen -
Guardian Boots Gywen Aruan
Pendant of Ability Gywen -
Storm Crow Armor Gaion Muren
Storm Crow Pants Gaion Muren
Storm Crow Gloves - Muren
Storm Crow Boots Gaion -
Pendant of Water Gaion -
Adamatine Helm Agnis -
Adamatine Armor Agnis -
Adamatine Pants Agnis Broy
Adamatine Gloves - Broy
Adamatine Boots - Broy
Red Wing Helm Chrono Sedemen
Red Wing Armor - Sedemen
Red Wing Pants Chrono -
Red Wing Gloves Chrono Sedemen
Red Wing Boots - Sedemen
Sacred Glove Vega Chamer
Sacred Helm Vega -
Sacred Armor Vega Chamer
Sacred Pants Vega Chamer
Sacred Boots - Chamer