On the server You can use Jewels of Ancient 1 or 2. If is available You can buy in the xShop.
To use just put Jewel on the item to change for Ancient


Leather Helm Warrior Anonymous
Leather Armor Warrior -
Leather Pants Warrior Anonymous
Leather Gloves Warrior -
Leather Boots Warrior Anonymous
Morning Star Warrior -
Ring of Ice Warrior -
Small Shield - Anonymous
Bronze Helm - Mist
Bronze Armor Hyperion -
Bronze Pants Hyperion Mist
Bronze Gloves Hyperion Mist
Bronze Boots Hyperion -
Plate Shield Eplete -
Scale Helm Eplete Berserker
Scale Armor Eplete Berserker
Scale Pants Eplete Berserker
Scale Gloves - Berserker
Scale Boots - Berserker
Pendant of Lighnint Eplete -
Brass Helm - Cloud
Brass Armor Garuda -
Brass Pants Garuda Cloud
Brass Gloves Garuda -
Brass Boots Garuda -
Pentant of Fire Garuda -
Plate Helm - Rave
Plate armor Kantata Rave
Plate Pants - Rave
Plate Gloves Kantata -
Plate Boots Kantata -
Rinf of Poison Kantata Agnis
Ring of Wind Kantata -
Lighning Sword Hyon -
Dragon Helm Hyon Vicious
Dragon Armor - Vicious
Dragon Pants - Vicious
Dragon Gloves Hyon -
Dragon Boots Hyon -
Ring of Earth Ceto Visious
Skull Staff Apollo -
Pad Helm Apollo Barnake
Pad Armor Apollo -
Pad Pants Apollo Barnake
Pad Gloves Apollo -
Pad Boots - Barnake
Ring of Magic Apollo Chrono
Pendant of Ice Apollo Broy
Bone Helm - Sylion
Bone Armor Evis Sylion
Bone Pants Evis -
Bone Gloves - Sylion
Bone Boots Evis Sylion
Pendant of Wind Evis -
Skull Shield Heras -
Sphinx Helm Heras -
Sphinx Armor Heras Minet
Sphinx Pants Heras Minet
Sphinx Gloves Heras -
Sphinx Boots Heras Minet
Legendary Helm Anubis Isis
Legendary Armor Anubis  Isis
Legenday Pants -  Isis
Legendary Gloves Anubis -
Legendary Boots -  Isis
Ring of Fire Anubis Muren
Rapier Ceto -
Vine Helm Ceto Drake
Vine Armor - Drake
Vine Pants Ceto Drake
Vine Gloves Ceto -
Vine Boots Ceto Drake
Golden Crossbow Gaia -
Silk Helm Gaia -
Silk Armor Gaia -
Silk Pants Gaia Fase
Silk Gloves Gaia Fase
Silk Boots - Fase
Wind Helm Odin -
Wind Armor Odin -
Wind Pants Odin Elvian
Wind Gloves Odin -
Wind Boots Odin Elvian
Spirit Helm - Karis
Spirit Armor Argo -
Spirit Pants Argo Karis
Spirit Gloves Argo -
Spirit Boots - Karis
Silver Bow Gywen -
Guardian Helm - Aruan
Guardian Armor Gywen Aruan
Guardian Pants - Aruan
Guardian Gloves Gywen -
Guardian Boots Gywen Aruan
Pendant of Ability Gywen -
Storm Crow Armor Gaion Muren
Storm Crow Pants Gaion Muren
Storm Crow Gloves - Muren
Storm Crow Boots Gaion -
Pendant of Water Gaion -
Adamatine Helm Agnis -
Adamatine Armor Agnis -
Adamatine Pants Agnis Broy
Adamatine Gloves - Broy
Adamatine Boots - Broy
Red Wing Helm Chrono Sedemen
Red Wing Armor - Sedemen
Red Wing Pants Chrono -
Red Wing Gloves Chrono Sedemen
Red Wing Boots - Sedemen
Sacred Glove Vega Chamer
Sacred Helm Vega -
Sacred Armor Vega Chamer
Sacred Pants Vega Chamer
Sacred Boots - Chamer